Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Another day older :)
Learned something new today and it makes me wonder.....
Apparently, if you have breast implants you are to have MRI's ever 3 years to check for leaks.
And implants have a 'shelf life' of 5 to 10 years then need to be replaced.
I was born with Poland's syndrome.
When I was in the 8th grade I had my first implant placed.  I wish someone had had the information to tell the parents of the 13 yr old that she would be on a journey of surgeries for the rest of her life.  I have had 5 so far.

I wonder how many fibromyalgia patients have implants? And how many of them have had them break or leak and now have pain.  Wonder if some of the pain is caused by the silicone in the implants?
Cause for some thought......

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekends :)

Weekends are for recouporating after spending all week in a freezing office. Sitting at the desk with cold air blowing.  Enjoying ever minute of ones break outside warming up the body just to go back in the chill down again.
Every day when I walk out from work it is with joy...ahhhhh the sun back on my body for the warmth!
Okay, granted its hotter than ever now here in Tucson and the fires don't help but that being said, warmth is a fibromyalgia sufferers best friend.
I love the weekend!
No cold air, no loud noises, no co-workers, just peace and quiet.
And a little quilting doesn't hurt either :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

ER visit

Yesterday had a 4 hour ER visit.  Chest pain all morning that I couldn't get rid of.
EKG, chest x-ray and 3 stabbing trys for lab work.
No heart attack thankfully but very disappointed in the visit.
No one asked me what meds I was on, just wanted to know what meds I was allergic to.
No one asked about family history. My dad has had 2 heart attacks, 7 stints.  An aunt has stints.
I kept trying to tell them but they kept cutting me off, 'how do you spell that med...Indocin'.
The doctor came in and decided it was acid reflux...never asked me what I ate.  Salad and a banana, did he want to know? No.
Did he ask family history, whats going on in my world, what meds are you on?
Just decided it was acid.
So I was sent home with the same pain in my chest that I walked in with. A diagnosis of 'chest pain, cause unknown' and a script for Nexium, which I did not ask for.
Thankfully the pain is gone, I didn't have a heart attack, not the best way to spend $150.00 and yet again another disappointing but yet confirming my disillusionment with our medical system.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is It True?

I'm super excited with my current mapping and am sharing my mapping pictures with everyone that will stop long enough to look at them.
I shared my pictures with a provider friend of mine and he could 'see' my excitement and told me not all people want to be well.
How can that be?  Wouldn't everyone want to be well?
He went on to tell me that some people like the attention illness brings them.
Some have family members that can't handle when they get better so the person with the illness stops treatment to keep things as they were.
Some people enjoy the 'I'm sicker than you are game'.
I find this rather disappointing and disturbing :(
He went on to tell me to be outspoken of my choices and improvement and try not to take the naysayers to heart.
I hope he is wrong and people will be receptive with what I have to share.