Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I left a fibro facebook page

Hello Fibro friends!
Been out sharing about eat fresh foods, no boxed or processed foods.
Telling people how I shop around the edges of the store.  No dairy, limited bread (still my downfall), no red meat and NO CANDY. Makes for quick grocery shopping trips.
I encourage people to take a closer look at the chemicals in the products that they use on their skin and hair. I have found I am overly sensitive to chemicals. Worth a look.
Then I share how I have given up sodas about 6 years ago and feel so better without it and only drink water.
When I am asked what fibro meds I take and how much do I take, I share I am only on guaifenesin and Omegas, I am faced with disbelieve.
When I shared this info with the facebook group I was told by one person her doctor told her to NEVER take guaifenesin for it has horrible side effects and be aware of people pushing this protocol.  I can't believe she has this site convinced guai is bad.
Sadly they all compare how badly they feel and what meds they each take and how they wish their flares would let them be and give them relief. But when I tell them what I do they belittle and bully me.

I am very proud that I took my health into my own hands, researched, tried and trusted my gut feelings to give guai and the hypoglycemic diet a chance...I had nothing to lose but the pain.

I am coming up on my 1 year guai anniversary and happily able to say have been pain free since August. :) (could have said from May but I thought I was Superwoman in July and put myself in a flare when I moved that washing machine all by myself).

Believe in Yourself and you can do anything!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beginning to look like winter

This week is my return appointment for mappings.  We shall see how well I map after a month of only one cheat for bread.
Been doing super!
Kept myself busy all day today with serveral projects that need to be done.
Winterized my cooler and boy was that work.  Hopefully the soak in the tub with Pink Himalayan salt in the water and Omegas will keep me from a flare.
Have been doing quite a bit lately and so far this has not affected my fibro.
Thank goodness for all the steps I have in place.
Been sharing with others with fibro, the advantages of changing their diets and chemical removal...have'nt had too many people give this a try.
Be sure and visit my prior blogs for diet and chemicals so you may see if this works for you also/