Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fibomyalgia Seminar

Feb 25, 2012

We had a seminar for Fibromyalgia in Tucson AZ and what a turn out we had.
Dr Kenneth Muhich presented the Guaifenesin protocol for a group of 12 ladies who are all suffering and are tried of the non-stop pain that fibro has them in.

We discussed the affect that diet and the foods have on our bodies.  Sugar and gluten can be our enemies and cause us pain.  Changes to what we eat can change the levels of pain we have.
Like I have discussed before and as I have learned 'eat around the edges of the grocery store'.  Eat fresh veggies and fruit.  Chicken, turkey and fish.  Avoid boxed, processed and freezer foods.

Next we went over how chemicals affect us and how these chemicals also cause us pain.  Like headaches and migraines, hives and rashes, dizziness and abnormal tastes, heightened senses like light, sound and smell.

We learned about the rollercoaster of pain, our lack of energy, loss of desire to do anything because life just hurts!

With the proper diet, chemical removal and the correct dose of Gauifenesin fibro sufferers can be on the raod to finding a life of no pain.  Back to having a life, hobbies, family time and HUGS without pain.

I am so glad the ladies came to the meeting to see and hear other options available.

To your health and Life with Less Pain!