Friday, September 9, 2011

Weather and fibromyalgia

For the last few days I have been slowly going down hill.  More tired, not as spunky and not getting the sleep I need.
Today for the first time in quite awhile I stayed home from work.  Yesterday, I did not feel well right from the start, ears throbbing, slow moving and my arms began to ache getting worse throughout the day. 
Got home and took a nap. Ran a warm bath and soaked in x2o water.  Ahhhhhh, that helped.  Went to bed after taking 2 PM's.  Woke a lot through the night, like I had been doing all week long.
Ugh, the morning was worse, my arms hurt, they hurt just thinking about moving them.  Steady aching, throbbing pain and that was not even with movement.  I moved at a snails pace today.  Called in and took a 6 hour nap. 
Pain was at an 8 and after napping it was down to a 2. 
In come more storms, wind and rain.
We have had 3 stroms back to back now for the last 3 hours.  One with hail.
NOW I know why I hurt.
Weather and fibromyalgia.  Weather....the one thing we can not control. 
The tempurature drops and our bodies can be affected.  Not enough sunlight and fatigue can set in.  Cool temps can invade and cause ache and pain.  Humidity also has an effect.
Right now the temps are starting to change.  Still hot during the day but cooling off at night.  Places of work are now seeming cooler because the insides of the buildings are not warming up as they did earlier.
I'm already layering up and using my heating pad at work. brrrrrr.

Found the above article that will give a little insight about weather.

Glad I have taken other measures to control my pain levels this way when weather comes at me hopefully I can get through it with the shortest amount of pain.

Tonight should be fun, the weatherman says we are having 'train' storms.  Where the storms come in back to back with short intervals between them. Hooray!