Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct 19,2011

Wonderful day!!!
Warm sun, cool breezes, went for a walk on my break.
I have gotten back on track with the gluten thing :(, dang I miss bread.
Been super busy with sharing my story this past couple weeks.
Got on the T.N.T. Tuesday calls and shared my Awesome story of the success I have been having with all the pieces I have placed in 'my wellness puzzle'.
Also spoke with a group at a 'dessert party'.  They were non-believers of what the products is use can do provide for people.
I have even spoke out on a Facebook site.  Makes changes for the better.
Unfortunately the facebook site did not like me, it would seem 'I make them (fibromyalgia patients) look bad.
Truly, I hope I am encouraging others to try some of the things I have tried, for maybe, they too will have a success.
The hypoglycemic diet, I have recently find, is very important to MY health.

I have been 'found' by 2 other guaifenesin protocol users, it is so good to know others are using this protocol and are having successes also.
I am ever grateful for find this and being the determined person I am, am so glad it works for me.

Hugs all,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Current mapping

Sad day.
Had my October mapping and it showed 6 spots instead of my 3 spots.
So following the guaifenesin protocol really isn't hard to follow when its become such a habit but when you get to the part where you can cheat a have to be careful on HOW much you cheat.
I miss bread!
Soft, warm yummy bread.
Texas Road house bread.
Raisin bagels.
French bread.
French toast.
Darn that gluten anyway.

Back to being strict with my bread.....which means no bread products.

On the upside, not eating the bread isn't that big of a hurdle because knowing that controlling what I eat has an effect on my pain is a complete no brainer.
So I am back on track and eating the way I should be.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4th, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Been super busy doing lots of things!
Almost forgot I had a blog about fibromyalgia or that I have fibro!
The weather only kept me down a day or so and I returned to normal.
Running around getting into everything.
Finished a Halloween quilt top.  Moved my quilt room around, again. I swear those 3 cabinets, 5 bookcases and 1 dresser have seen more positions than the yoga floor.  For some reason I just can't get this room right.
This time however, even though I moved the furnature around myself with no help and with my daughter yelling at me to wait for her boyfriend as he would move it for me.....I did not have pain!  WOW

So lets see, quilt top, moved furnature, um what else......went to Slow Low AZ for the Run to the Pines annual Car Show the 23rd of September. Walked the car show, then went to the quilt show and then on to the art fair.  All that walking in one day. whew my feet were tuckered out.  The weather was wonderful, cool, sunny and the feel of fall was in the air.  So beautiful! 

I have been on such a roll with energy lately so I started cleaning my house the next weekend.
Pulled all the curtains down and washed them.  A 'fall' cleaning before we shut the house up for the winter months. Even managed to toss out 4 bags of junk I really didn't need to be saving.

I have all this to thank for everything I have put in place to get and keep me well.
I have gotten so used to the way I eat it is second nature and I miss all my veggies when I don't have them available.  Like the weekend of the car show, my parents eat so differently than me.
Eat around the edges, fresh only, no boxed or processed foods.  Eating a salad daily is routine, just like everyone else who still eat a McDonalds or Burger King everyday.

Reducing the chemicals in products that I use is/was so easy and makes such a HUGE difference.  One of the simpliest things a person can do to keep themselves well is to avoid these poisons.  Some say it is 'hard' to do but if it reduces my pain then I'm all IN!

The guaifenesin protocol is so routine now that I don't even have to think about what I do anymore.
Take my Guai twice a day, add my Pink Himalayan Salt to my water in the morning before my breakfast and right before bed.  I am set for a wonderful day.

With the exception of a storm every now and then I am good.  Its funny though, weather, I never know which time the weather will bother me.  But the longer I stay of this protocol the better I get.  10 months and I am doing so well!  I can't wait to see what a year, 2 years, 5, 10, 20 years will bring me!

I am so please and happy with myself that I had the fortune to find these products and Dr Muhich to guide me with the protocol! 
Sharing I will continue to do.
May you have pain free days also.