Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fibomyalgia Seminar

Feb 25, 2012

We had a seminar for Fibromyalgia in Tucson AZ and what a turn out we had.
Dr Kenneth Muhich presented the Guaifenesin protocol for a group of 12 ladies who are all suffering and are tried of the non-stop pain that fibro has them in.

We discussed the affect that diet and the foods have on our bodies.  Sugar and gluten can be our enemies and cause us pain.  Changes to what we eat can change the levels of pain we have.
Like I have discussed before and as I have learned 'eat around the edges of the grocery store'.  Eat fresh veggies and fruit.  Chicken, turkey and fish.  Avoid boxed, processed and freezer foods.

Next we went over how chemicals affect us and how these chemicals also cause us pain.  Like headaches and migraines, hives and rashes, dizziness and abnormal tastes, heightened senses like light, sound and smell.

We learned about the rollercoaster of pain, our lack of energy, loss of desire to do anything because life just hurts!

With the proper diet, chemical removal and the correct dose of Gauifenesin fibro sufferers can be on the raod to finding a life of no pain.  Back to having a life, hobbies, family time and HUGS without pain.

I am so glad the ladies came to the meeting to see and hear other options available.

To your health and Life with Less Pain!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Brrrrr it's cold outside

I took this article from Fibromyalgia Symptoms website.  I don't like how they use 'claim' when they refer to how those that suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms but the information is good to know.

This past month has been rather cold for here in Arizona.  I do at times feel like a barometor, with truly feeling the effects of how the weather changes.  Not good!  I have been so cold that my wrists have been aching horribly.  Dressing in layers, coats, gloves, hats and long socks (this is not going well with this menopause crap going on also...where's my music because these clothes are coming off often.  It's rediculous, layers on layers off good Lord!
Using a heating pad to keep my hands warm. Keeping my house at 73 and using my heated blanket at night.

I fuss but other than having hands that are just annoyingly achy, I am doing awesome, I don't even bother putting a 'number' for plan level to this current issue.

The guaifenesin protocol really puts your body back in order.  Along with following a proper diet of no boxed, frozen or processed food eating fresh veggies, fruit, no dairy for me and sticking with chicken I am doing wonderful.  I hibernate in the winter anyway but now I am able to do my quilting or projects without the fatigue or just not having the energy at all.

I love that I have got my life back.  Thank heavens for guaifenesin!

Enjoy the article!

fibromyalgia sufferers claim that their symptoms vary according to temperature changes, changes in air pressure, and changes in precipitation in their part of their world. Most fibromyalgia sufferers claim that they experience changes in:
Who is Affected by Weather Changes?
According to a study performed in 1981, a large percentage of fibromyalgia sufferers may actually be sensitive to changes in the weather. In this particular study, 90% of patients claimed that weather was one of the most important influences on their fibromyalgia symptoms. And fibromyalgia sufferers aren’t the only ones to experience weather-related symptoms. You may also find that the weather exacerbates your symptoms if you have:
What Weather Factors Affect Fibromyalgia Sufferers?
There are five major weather factors that appear to affect fibromyalgia symptoms. These include:
  • Temperature: Rapid changes in temperature can sometimes trigger a fibromyalgia flare or help to ease fibromyalgia pain. Cold weather tends to make fibromyalgia symptoms worse, while warmer weather tends to ease those troublesome symptoms.
  • Barometric Pressure: Barometric pressure is a measurement of the weight that is exerted by the air all around us. On beautiful sunny days, barometric pressure tends to be quite high, but during a storm or similar weather front, barometric pressure drops suddenly. Fibromyalgia sufferers often find that these changes in barometric pressure can trigger muscle aches and pains.
  • Humidity: Absolute humidity is a measurement of the amount of water vapor present in each unit of air. When absolute humidity is low, fibromyalgia sufferers often report headaches, stiffness, and flares in widespread pain.
  • Precipitation: Precipitation is the term used to refer to any type of water that falls to the ground from the sky, including rain, sleet, snow, or hail. Precipitation is often accompanied by a change in barometric pressure, and therefore may exacerbate your symptoms of pain and fatigue.
  • Wind: Whether it’s a light wind or a gale-force wind, wind generally causes a decrease in barometric pressure. This means that wind can trigger fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches in fibromyalgia sufferers.
Weather and Fibromyalgia: The Studies
Numerous studies have been conducted in order to evaluate whether or not fibromyalgia symptoms do appear to be influenced by changes in the weather. Most of these studies have had surprising results.
In 2002, a study was conducted in Cordoba, Argentina, where there are four distinct seasons every year. The study involved fibromyalgia sufferers and a healthy control group and aimed to find out whether pain symptoms could be linked to specific weather changes. Participants were asked to rate their pain symptoms on a scale from one to ten, every day for 12 months. After 12 months, these symptoms were correlated to weather patterns for the entire year. Researchers found that pain symptoms of the participants with fibromyalgia correlated directly to weather changes. Specifically, pain increased as temperatures fell and atmospheric pressure increased. The healthy control group did not show any correlation between pain and weather patterns.
Another study performed in Norway found a similar relationship between fibromyalgia symptoms and the weather. Fibromyalgia symptoms appeared to get worse during the months of December and January, but began to improve during April and May. This suggests a direct relationship between colder temperatures and lower barometric pressures and a rise in fibromyalgia symptoms.
Why Does Weather Affect Fibromyalgia Symptoms?
Unfortunately, researchers do not yet know why weather appears to affect fibromyalgia symptoms so much. However, there are a few possible explanations:
  • Change in Sleep Cycle: Weather, particularly hot and cold temperatures, can sometimes affect the way in which you sleep. This could have a great affect on symptoms and flares if you are a fibromyalgia sufferer.
  • Change in Circadian Rhythm: Your body operates using an internal clock known as the circadian rhythm. Changes in seasons and the amount of light that your body receives can throw off your circadian rhythm, causing you to feel fatigued and more achy then usual.
  • Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines: There does appear to be a relationship between low temperature levels and an increase in the number of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body. These cytokines appear to be related to pain intensity.
Dealing with the Weather: Managing Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms
If you find that your symptoms are influenced by weather changes, here are a few tips to help keep you more comfortable:
  • Dress in Layers: Prepare for those chilly days by dressing in two or three layers. This will keep your body warm and allow you to shed excess clothing should you become hot.
  • Avoid Cold Temperatures: Try to keep your air conditioning off in your house during the summer, and keep your heat up during the winter months. If you have to go outside in the cold, wear gloves, proper boots, and a hat. This will keep your extremities warm and prevent aches and pains.
  • Bring the Sunshine Inside: If you are finding that you are particularly fatigued or depressed, try to increase the amount of light you have inside of your house. During the gray winter months, it is easy to become depressed and tired, which will only make your symptoms worse. Purchase some halogen bulbs or a special light box to help improve your mood.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I left a fibro facebook page

Hello Fibro friends!
Been out sharing about eat fresh foods, no boxed or processed foods.
Telling people how I shop around the edges of the store.  No dairy, limited bread (still my downfall), no red meat and NO CANDY. Makes for quick grocery shopping trips.
I encourage people to take a closer look at the chemicals in the products that they use on their skin and hair. I have found I am overly sensitive to chemicals. Worth a look.
Then I share how I have given up sodas about 6 years ago and feel so better without it and only drink water.
When I am asked what fibro meds I take and how much do I take, I share I am only on guaifenesin and Omegas, I am faced with disbelieve.
When I shared this info with the facebook group I was told by one person her doctor told her to NEVER take guaifenesin for it has horrible side effects and be aware of people pushing this protocol.  I can't believe she has this site convinced guai is bad.
Sadly they all compare how badly they feel and what meds they each take and how they wish their flares would let them be and give them relief. But when I tell them what I do they belittle and bully me.

I am very proud that I took my health into my own hands, researched, tried and trusted my gut feelings to give guai and the hypoglycemic diet a chance...I had nothing to lose but the pain.

I am coming up on my 1 year guai anniversary and happily able to say have been pain free since August. :) (could have said from May but I thought I was Superwoman in July and put myself in a flare when I moved that washing machine all by myself).

Believe in Yourself and you can do anything!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beginning to look like winter

This week is my return appointment for mappings.  We shall see how well I map after a month of only one cheat for bread.
Been doing super!
Kept myself busy all day today with serveral projects that need to be done.
Winterized my cooler and boy was that work.  Hopefully the soak in the tub with Pink Himalayan salt in the water and Omegas will keep me from a flare.
Have been doing quite a bit lately and so far this has not affected my fibro.
Thank goodness for all the steps I have in place.
Been sharing with others with fibro, the advantages of changing their diets and chemical removal...have'nt had too many people give this a try.
Be sure and visit my prior blogs for diet and chemicals so you may see if this works for you also/


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct 19,2011

Wonderful day!!!
Warm sun, cool breezes, went for a walk on my break.
I have gotten back on track with the gluten thing :(, dang I miss bread.
Been super busy with sharing my story this past couple weeks.
Got on the T.N.T. Tuesday calls and shared my Awesome story of the success I have been having with all the pieces I have placed in 'my wellness puzzle'.
Also spoke with a group at a 'dessert party'.  They were non-believers of what the products is use can do provide for people.
I have even spoke out on a Facebook site.  Makes changes for the better.
Unfortunately the facebook site did not like me, it would seem 'I make them (fibromyalgia patients) look bad.
Truly, I hope I am encouraging others to try some of the things I have tried, for maybe, they too will have a success.
The hypoglycemic diet, I have recently find, is very important to MY health.

I have been 'found' by 2 other guaifenesin protocol users, it is so good to know others are using this protocol and are having successes also.
I am ever grateful for find this and being the determined person I am, am so glad it works for me.

Hugs all,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Current mapping

Sad day.
Had my October mapping and it showed 6 spots instead of my 3 spots.
So following the guaifenesin protocol really isn't hard to follow when its become such a habit but when you get to the part where you can cheat a have to be careful on HOW much you cheat.
I miss bread!
Soft, warm yummy bread.
Texas Road house bread.
Raisin bagels.
French bread.
French toast.
Darn that gluten anyway.

Back to being strict with my bread.....which means no bread products.

On the upside, not eating the bread isn't that big of a hurdle because knowing that controlling what I eat has an effect on my pain is a complete no brainer.
So I am back on track and eating the way I should be.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4th, 2011

Hi Everyone!
Been super busy doing lots of things!
Almost forgot I had a blog about fibromyalgia or that I have fibro!
The weather only kept me down a day or so and I returned to normal.
Running around getting into everything.
Finished a Halloween quilt top.  Moved my quilt room around, again. I swear those 3 cabinets, 5 bookcases and 1 dresser have seen more positions than the yoga floor.  For some reason I just can't get this room right.
This time however, even though I moved the furnature around myself with no help and with my daughter yelling at me to wait for her boyfriend as he would move it for me.....I did not have pain!  WOW

So lets see, quilt top, moved furnature, um what else......went to Slow Low AZ for the Run to the Pines annual Car Show the 23rd of September. Walked the car show, then went to the quilt show and then on to the art fair.  All that walking in one day. whew my feet were tuckered out.  The weather was wonderful, cool, sunny and the feel of fall was in the air.  So beautiful! 

I have been on such a roll with energy lately so I started cleaning my house the next weekend.
Pulled all the curtains down and washed them.  A 'fall' cleaning before we shut the house up for the winter months. Even managed to toss out 4 bags of junk I really didn't need to be saving.

I have all this to thank for everything I have put in place to get and keep me well.
I have gotten so used to the way I eat it is second nature and I miss all my veggies when I don't have them available.  Like the weekend of the car show, my parents eat so differently than me.
Eat around the edges, fresh only, no boxed or processed foods.  Eating a salad daily is routine, just like everyone else who still eat a McDonalds or Burger King everyday.

Reducing the chemicals in products that I use is/was so easy and makes such a HUGE difference.  One of the simpliest things a person can do to keep themselves well is to avoid these poisons.  Some say it is 'hard' to do but if it reduces my pain then I'm all IN!

The guaifenesin protocol is so routine now that I don't even have to think about what I do anymore.
Take my Guai twice a day, add my Pink Himalayan Salt to my water in the morning before my breakfast and right before bed.  I am set for a wonderful day.

With the exception of a storm every now and then I am good.  Its funny though, weather, I never know which time the weather will bother me.  But the longer I stay of this protocol the better I get.  10 months and I am doing so well!  I can't wait to see what a year, 2 years, 5, 10, 20 years will bring me!

I am so please and happy with myself that I had the fortune to find these products and Dr Muhich to guide me with the protocol! 
Sharing I will continue to do.
May you have pain free days also.